Junior and Tiny Tots School Meanwood Ndeke, Lusaka.

Junior and Tiny Tots School The presence of a school in a community immediately makes it attractive for Real Estate. Located on Meanwood Ndeke's Central Street in Phase 1 the school has lifted the face of the community and continues to receive new enrolments. It was founded in 2019. The school currently offers daycare, a high standard of Nursery, Reception and Primary Education. Careers Day Every child...

Pros and cons of living near a school

Pros and cons of living near a school

Are you in the market for a new home? Most homebuyers often focus on the qualities of a property when house hunting. Certain criteria to check off your wish list includes things like a large kitchen, an attached garage, or proximity to amenities. And one of those nearby amenities could be a school. But is living close to a school actually a good thing? In some cases, it can be, but there are drawbacks...

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