What to know about Kitwe

Of all the cities in Zambia, Kitwe is the second largest after Lusaka. This measure is in terms of size and population. Kitwe is geographically an integral part of the Copperbelt Province. Here's what to know about Kitwe. Kitwe is located in the northern part of Zambia and has a total population of approximately 522,092 inhabitants.  Situated sixty four kilometres west of Ndola, Kitwe is the hub of...

The city of Ndola

Ndola, which lies 320 kilometers from Lusaka,  is the capital of the Copperbelt province. This is the third largest city in Zambia and the gateway to Zambia's copper rich region, the Copperbelt. As a result the city of Ndola has greatly established itself as a commercial and light industrial centre of considerable importance. History The European settlers established Ndola as the second oldest town...

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