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Optimising your commercial property investment

There is no denying that commercial property investment is both lucrative and highly profitable. From retail shops, office blocks, warehouses, as well as industrial premises, the rental returns from commercial property are high. Moreover, the commercial property space usually has less tenant turnover than with residential real estate. In addition, with commercial property investment, you can earn passive...

The ins and outs of commercial property investment

Commercial property investment is a viable investment strategy. However, commercial property investment is more advanced in comparison to residential property investment. As such it is crucial to fully comprehend the various fundamentals of commercial property investment. The ins and outs of commercial property investment are the focus of our blog article. Commercial property is also more cyclical than...



RURAL INVESTMENT Most times a great deal of attention is paid on major town homes for sale in Zambia. However the growth of property investment in rural or so called Peri-urban communities and this is particularly true in the newly discovered copper region of Solwezi in the North Western Province of the country. This has been phenomenal in the past few years as the level of real estate listings and...

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