Getting acquainted with Chingola

The quaint city of Chingola is located in the heart of the copper mining region of Zambia. This is arguably one of the best laid-out and cleanest cites in the entire country. According to the 2008 census, the city had a population of approximately 157,340. Getting acquainted with Chingola is what we’ll be doing in this article.


In comparison to other cities in the Copperbelt, Chingola was to a moderate extent founded later. The cities exact establishment is in 1943 and was primarily to service the Nchanga copper mine. Nchanga Open Pit, one of the largest open cast mines globally, is in this area.



As a result of the extensive mining and booming tourism, Chingola is a highly lucrative business centre. Therefore most business in this area are thriving and doing exceptionally well.


Chingola provides an extensive assemblage of exceptional outdoor ventures, activities and attractions for the whole family.

  1. Nchanga golf course, one of the most well maintained courses on the continent, is located in Chingola.
  2. Visits to the impressive open cast mine can be arranged.
  3. The Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage lies 60 km north-west of Chingola and is an awesome sightseeing experience.
  4. Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world.
  5. There is also an abundance of hiking and biking trails.
  6. Additionally you will find many local products, shops, stalls and great local restaurants to choose from.
  7. Lastly, Five Mile Rock is an extremely popular landmark 8 kilometres from Chingola on the way to Kitwe.


Health: Chingola has two hospitals, Nchanga North General Hospital (Government owned) and Nchanga South Hospital (privately owned).

Education: There are several very good primary and secondary schools in and around Chingola. For example, Nchanga Secondary Trust School, Symic International School, Luwi International School and Sekela Secondary School.

Shopping: In addition to the above amenities, Chingola is a great shopping destination. Shopping malls include; Copperhill Mall and The Park Mall.


As with any other city, Chingola has low population desirable areas and high density less desirable places to live. The distinction on where to reside is usual dependent on your income. Examples of desirable areas include; Chikola and Nchanga South.

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