Benefits of ZIEA Registration

BE FORWARD Real Estate encourages all real estate agents to register with ZIEA before using our service. We aim to build a trusted platform which agents and customers can use with peace of mind for their purchase of a lifetime. Using a trusted platform will bring you more high potential customers to grow your business.

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About ZIEA

The Zambia Institute of Estate Agents (ZIEA) is a professional body corporate established by Act of Parliament No. 21 of 2000, Our Mandate is to regulate the conduct and business of Estate Agents in Zambia. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the real estate profession in Zambia


Benefits of ZIEA Registration

Professional Recognition

Being registered with ZIEA ensures that you are recognized as a qualified and credible real estate agent in Zambia.

Networking Opportunities​

Connect with other real estate professionals and expand your business network.

Continued Education and Training​

Access to seminars, workshops, and courses to keep you updated with the latest industry trends and regulations.

Legal Protection​

Get support and guidance in legal matters related to real estate transactions.

Access to Resources​

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including market data, research materials, and industry publications.

Process of
ZIEA Registration

1. Application Form

Fill out the ZIEA registration application form available on ZIEA website or at ZIEA offices.

2. Documentation

Submit necessary documents including proof of qualifications, identification, and any other required paperwork.

3. Payment

Pay the registration fee as per the guidelines provided in the application form.

4. Review

Your application will be reviewed by the ZIEA board.

5. Approval

Upon approval, you will receive your ZIEA membership certificate.

4. Review

Your application will be reviewed by the ZIEA board.

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