Features Tenants Look For In A Rental Property

Features Tenants Look For In A Rental Property

There are specific features most tenants want to have in the home they are renting. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the key features tenants look for in a rental property.


Location plays a huge role in whether or not a tenant will rent a home. In most cases, it is actually the deciding factor. Moreover, tenants want to ensure they have access to public transport, schools, grocery stores, hospitals etc. Therefore, building rental properties in areas that are close to several amenities will highly benefit your rental business, and your property will almost never be vacant.


Secondly, tenants usually look for a rental property that has ample kitchen storage or large wardrobe space and other storage facilities. Therefore, ensure all your rental properties have a decent amount of storage space to avoid losing out on tenants.


Tenants will not stay in any property that does not have adequate security. Moreover, this should be the sole focus of all your rental properties, ensuring they are safe and secure. Therefore, enforce security measures such as building high electric fenced walls or hiring a security company etc. Additionally, a safe rental property will boost your properties appeal tremendously.

Fittings and Fixtures:

Fourthly, most tenants prefer to live in a rental property that has the latest modern fittings and fixtures. Therefore, consider updating your rental properties fittings and fixtures, every few years to keep up with recent trends. Additionally, this will allow you to gain a decent amount of money from your rental properties.


Lastly, price is super important to all tenants, as they want to ensure they are getting their monies worth. Therefore, adequately price your rental properties based of their actual value and do not over or under price them. Besides, most tenants will know whether or not they are being fairly priced.


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