Small Space Design Solutions

Small Space Design Solutions

In this blog post, we will be sharing some small space design solutions. Having a small space is not always a bad thing, the key is to use designs that work well with your space.

Use Reflective Materials:

Firstly, reflective materials make you space appear bigger than it is, making this a great design technique. Moreover, the idea is to make your space feel more spacious and not claustrophobic. Therefore, use mirrors or reflective tiles in any room to make it look larger.

Add a Gallery Wall:

Secondly, gallery walls are a beautiful addition to any small space. Although, try to have only one gallery wall and keep the rest of the walls plain. This will allow all the décor to be placed on one wall, making it the centre piece. Moreover, covering the wall from top to bottom will actually make the room appear bigger than it is.

Be Resourceful:

Whenever you are dealing with a small space, do not use bulky large furniture. Therefore, try to minimize your room space by just adding small features. Additionally, add cheerful and happy colours to make the space feel more lively.

Position Your Furniture Vertically:

Fourthly, placing your furniture vertically will allow you maximize the space in that room. Moreover, horizontal placing takes up way to much space and makes the room look and feel clustered.

Hide Utilities:

Lastly, do not have any utilities hanging around your space, as they will make your space look untidy. Therefore, put away any utilities not in use and only remove them when needed.


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