Resolving Disputes Within The HOA

Resolving Disputes Within The HOA

In this blog post, we will be discussing resolving disputes within the HOA. For an HOA to perform in the best of it’s abilities, it has to resolve conflict in a professional and effective manner. There are many aspects that can lead to a disagreement in HOA’s, but in this article we are sharing some effective ways to go about conflict.

Determine Whether to Intervene:

Firstly, if there is a disagreement between neighbours within the community, it is important as the board to assess whether or not it is necessary to intervene. Moreover, not all disagreements need the board to come and involve themselves, some disagreements are based on personal relationships. Additionally, most of these minor conflicts, overtime get resolved on their own. Therefore, the best way to approach this, is to create a system that allows owners to request for intervention. Owners can write a letter and the board can then act from there.

Remain Neutral:

As the board, ensure that you are remaining neutral throughout the conflict resolution. Moreover, try by all means to not take a biased stance, just because you may have a better relationship with one party. Furthermore, assess all the facts and make an informed decision on the best way to tackle the situation.

Focus on Facts:

Thirdly, it is important that as the HOA board, facts are made priority. In some instances, individuals may feel that they are not in the wrong, but are the facts backing up that argument? Therefore, the HOA board should assess and hopefully if evidence is present, it will make their work easier. Additionally, it is advisable to involve legal counsel. Legal counsel will allow an unbiased and professional opinion on the matter.


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