Property Maintenance Tips For Landlords

Property Maintenance Tips For Landlords

It is important to conduct maintenance repairs to your rental properties every few months. In this blog post, we will be sharing some property maintenance tips for landlords.

Outline Responsibilities:

First things first, you need to outline the responsibilities for both you and your tenants. Moreover, all parties need to be aware of what is required of them. Although, it may seem like the landlord is responsible for all the maintenance, this is not entirely true. Landlords and property managers are in charge of electrical, plumbing and building maintenance. However, tenants are responsible for regular up keep such as, garbage disposal, changing lighting bulbs and all minor maintenance regarding the property. Additionally, establishing an open line of communication will allow everyone to be aware of their tasks.

Take Pictures and Videos of The Condition of The Property:

Secondly, document everything in your rental properties at all times. Ensure that every time maintenance is conducted, there is evidence. Moreover, this allows you to always be aware of the condition of your rental property. Additionally, it helps you conclude on deductions on the security deposit, of any damages made by the tenant. Moreover, inform your tenants of the condition you expect to find the rental property, every time maintenance is conducted.

Create a Maintenance Schedule:

Thirdly, create a fixed maintenance schedule and share it with your tenants. Moreover, by having a schedule in place, it gives you the opportunity to identify small problems before they become costly. Additionally, you can add a request for timely notice of issues in the rental property, so that you can act quickly.

Keep Landscaping Low Maintenance:

Finally, creating a high maintenance landscape around your rental properties is not the best idea. Moreover, low maintenance landscaping allows the yard to look presentable all year round, without making it an expense.




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