Architectural Photography Tips

Architectural Photography Tips

If you are a new architectural photographer, this article is for you. In this article, we will be sharing some architectural photography tips, to help individuals have a visual understanding of the architecture of a particular building.

Prioritize Good Lighting :

Firstly, good lighting should be your best friend as a photographer. The beauty of anything is always captured in the best lighting. Therefore, always target areas that have good lighting and use artificial lighting if possible. Moreover, lighting plays a huge role in someone’s understanding of the photograph. If they cannot see all it’s great features, it is probably due to poor lighting.

Shoot In Different Weather Conditions:

Secondly, there is beauty in the seasons, shoot in all weather conditions. Moreover, this allows you to show people, how certain architecture looks in different seasons. Additionally, this allows viewers to have a better understanding of  how a building adapts to it’s environment.

Look For Unique Angles:

Photography is all about creativity and a great form of creativity is exploring the angles. Moreover, experimenting and playing with perspective is very rewarding and most times produces amazing content. Therefore, take some time to analyze a building, and imagine different ways you can showcase it’s beauty.

Include People:

Although, you are supposed to be capturing buildings and architecture, do not be afraid to show people in your images. People make up places and incorporating people in your images also adds beauty to the photograph. In previous years, people would not be captured in architectural photography, but it is becoming more popular.

Objectify The Building:

Lastly, seeing an image of a building from a good angle and experiencing this angle in real life is a satisfying feeling. Therefore, capture a building in a manner that the person seeing the image, will only be able to visualize it from that photograph.




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