The Roles and Responsibilities of HOA Board Members

The Roles and Responsibilities of HOA Board Members

Homeowners Association members have a wide range of tasks that need to be performed and we will be looking at some of the tasks. Therefore, we will be discussing some of the roles and responsibilities of HOA board members.


  • President:

Firstly, the head of the HOA is the president. The presidents’ main duties include:

  1.  Decision making
  2. Presiding and running meetings
  3. Overseeing the association’s activities
  • Vice President:

Secondly, the second person in charge is the vice president. Some of the vice presidents’ duties include:

  1. The vice president’s main duty is to be the acting president, when the current president is not available.
  • Secretary:

Thirdly, the main duties of a secretary include:

  1.  Recording minutes
  2. Notifying other members about meetings
  3. Responsible for HOA’s records and documents
  • Treasurer:

Lastly, the treasurer’s duties include:

  1. Dealing with financial matters
  2. Preparing budgets
  3. Management of financial records
  4. Dealing HOA’s taxes


The main responsibilities of the HOA regarding the services of it’s members include:

  • Maintaining Common Areas:

HOA’s are known to have great facilities available to it’s member. However, because these facilities are of a high standard they need to be maintained frequently. Therefore, HOA’s have the duty of making sure all that, all available facilities are well maintained, without fail.

  • Managing The Financial Contributions of the Members:

Secondly, HOA board is responsible for all financial contributions that are being made. Therefore, the board is supposed manage all these funds and, present detailed reports to the members of the HOA on how funds are used.

  • Selecting The HOA Board Members:

Lastly, all the members are responsible for carrying out the votes, of the individuals who have the high positions within the HOA. However, all members are eligible to apply and a vote is carried out on who is the best fit.


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