DIY Storage Solutions

DIY Storage Solutions

In this blog post, we will be sharing easy DIY storage solutions for you to implement in your home. Moreover, creating storage does not always have to be an expensive renovation, but there are other alternatives.

Wood Crate Shoe Storage:

Firstly, wood crate shoe storage, is an easy way of giving your shoes more room to thrive. Moreover, it only consists of you gathering wood crates and sticking them together to make your very own shoe rack. To add more beauty to the wood crates, you can simply paint them to match the room they will be placed in and you will be good to go.

Build a Flexible Shelf:

Nowadays, there are pegboard shelves which can be easily constructed in a matter of minutes. Therefore, visit your local furniture store and ask about pegboard shelves. The great thing about these shelves is that they are adjustable, if you want to change up the shelves every once in a while, they make it easy. Ideally, these shelves will go great in your bedroom and kitchen. However, you can still place them wherever you’d like to.

Build an Open Closet:

If you reside in a home that does not have a wardrobes, you can simply build an open closet and it is quite easy. Install a floating shelf that has a rack to hang clothing and hang all your jackets and other clothing that requires this storage. Additionally, you could purchase drawers to place near this floating shelf and your open closet is complete.

Window Shelving:

Lastly, another DIY storage idea you could consider is installing window shelving. For rooms like the bathroom, this storage method is great as it provides your bathroom items the minimal storage space they require. Additionally, these shelves add great aesthetics to your bathroom.





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