Tips For Keeping Your Drains Clear and Avoiding Plumbing Issues

Tips For Keeping Your Drains Clear and Avoiding Plumbing Issues

Clogged drains cause serious damage to your plumbing and needs to be prevented by all means necessary. Additionally, plumbing can be quite costly, especially if the damage is severe. In this article, we will sharing some tips for keeping your drains clear and avoiding plumbing issues.

Do not Pour Grease or Oil Down Your Kitchen Drain:

Grease and oil harden once cooled and can cause a serious blockage in your pipes. Therefore, do not under any circumstances pour oil down the drain, even in small quantities. Moreover, when it is being poured in small quantities, in time it will build up and cause a huge blockage, forcing you to possibly have to replace the pipes. Instead, opt for putting the grease/oil in a container and throwing it in the trash.

Install Drainers on All Your Drains:

Secondly, drainers/strainers filter out all the dirt and debris that could possibly sneak it’s way through your drain. However, always remember to clean all your drainers regularly.

Your Toilet is not a Trash Can:

Try by all means to avoid disposing just anything in your toilet. Moreover, only certain items such as toilet paper are meant to be disposed in the toilet and not other bathroom materials. Therefore, if you are having difficulty changing this habit, place a small trash can in all your bathrooms to avoid blocking your toilets.

Pay Attention To What Goes Down Your Drain:

Lastly, make sure you are paying attention to what goes down the drain. This way you can avoid putting items that solidify which could cause damage. Some examples include, glue, grease, wax etc, should never to be anywhere near your drain. Moreover, pay very close attention, as this will help you avoid costly plumbing repairs in the future.

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