Common Mistakes In Flooring Installation

Common Mistakes In Flooring Installation

Poor flooring installation could leave you with big and expensive problems, that you probably would not want to encounter. Therefore, in this article, we will be highlighting some of the common mistakes in flooring installation and some ways you can avoid these mistakes.

Not Hiring a Professional:

Firstly, the most common mistake individuals make is thinking that anyone can install a floor, this is not the case. Therefore, always hire a qualified installer to assist you with your flooring. Moreover, this is quite a complicated job and is not to be taken up by an individual, who does not have the right skill set to do the job. Although, it may be costly to hire a professional, consider all the costs you will face, if the job is not done properly.

Skipping Moisture Tests:

Secondly, moisture tests are crucial in flooring installation as they determine, whether or not the subfloor is ready for the installing of tiles. Therefore, if the subfloor has too much moisture, it is probably not ideal to install new flooring. Furthermore, moisture levels are determined by calcium chloride tests or moisture metres. Moreover, skipping the moisture test can lead to serious floor damage.

Choosing the Wrong Flooring Type:

Lastly, each flooring type has different properties such as durability, maintenance requirements and moisture resistance. Therefore, select the correct type of flooring that will accommodate each room. Kitchens and bathrooms contained high moisture levels. Therefore, do not place hardwood or vinyl flooring in such areas. Moreover, for high traffic areas, try to consider the most durable type of flooring. However, ensure you are working within your budget and not exceeding it.

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