Effective Construction Site Safety Measures

Effective Construction Site Safety Measures

Construction sites are very dangerous environments to be in. Therefore, ensure that extreme safety measures are being put into place. In this article, we will be discussing effective construction site safety measures.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment:

Firstly, you have to wear PPE at all times whilst on the construction site, accidents are random and you do not want to let your guard down. Additionally, in the night time bright reflector jackets make sure you can be seen clearly.

Keep The Site Tidy Always:

Untidiness may not be a big deal in other lines of work but, with construction it is necessary to have a tidy site. The reason being, simple trips and falls could cause serious injury and avoiding this at all costs should be the goal. Additionally, entry and exit points are the most important areas to keep tidy.

Do not Work without an Induction:

Thirdly, induction sheets are sheets that have information of clock ins, daily tasks, what to do avoid on site etc. Therefore, make sure whatever project you are working on has an induction sheet. Moreover, if you are not provided one, once the job commences, enquire for it.

Take Safety Signs and Procedures Seriously:

Fourthly, by all means necessary, if there is a safety briefing, always pay attention. Additionally, signs and procedures are not to be taken lightly in this environment, as they are extremely important. Moreover, risk assessments should always take place. Risk assessments are crucial because, they inform you of all the hazards and how to control risks on site.

Never work in Unsafe Areas:

Lastly, if an area is deemed completely unsafe, try to avoid that area by all means necessary. Therefore, with this line of work you need to constantly be aware of your environments.



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