How to Create a Multi-Functional Living Space

How to Create a Multi-Functional Living Space

Post pandemic, multi-functional spaces are still a huge design technique individuals are using. It could be because they did not return to work and, continued with the same model or simply enjoy using their spaces for more than one function. In this article, we will be discussing how to create a multi-functional living space and some of the best techniques to consider.

Get Rid of Barriers:

Firstly, with multi-functional living spaces you tend to need open-plan concepts vs closed plans to maximize the space in the room. Therefore, if you have a barrier/wall that separates two rooms that could potentially be one, consider breaking it down. Moreover, this enables you to use that room for two or three purposes allowing you utilize the space accordingly.

Create Distinct Zones:

Secondly, create distinct zones by using furniture to subtly designate certain areas. Therefore, use room dividers, couch’s and rugs to designate each area for it’s specific function. Furthermore, try to incorporate focal points for each area, that specifically distinguish that particular area. Whether, it be a home office, play room or relaxation space etc, focal points should be the distinction. Additionally, choose a beautiful accent for each area that make the distinction very clear.

Blur the Lines:

Finally, separating areas in one room could be difficult, as you do not want to have one area overpowering the next. Therefore, just to subtly blur the lines between each space, use furniture and decorations that are in unison with the other designated areas. Do not use large furniture to divide spaces, it causes the room to look clustered and disorganized. Choose smaller pieces of furniture to simply blur the lines between the areas, to have the best visually appealing space.




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