Characteristics of a Modern Minimalist House Design

Characteristics of a Modern Minimalist House Design

Minimalists are taking over the design market, as simplicity has been trending for some time. In this article, we will be going through some of the characteristics of a modern minimalist house design.

Uncomplicated Wall Finishes & Cladding:

Firstly, modern minimalists homes usually have uncomplicated and simple finishes. Although, uncomplicated, they are not boring. The cladding could contain either horizontal or vertical lines with any exciting colour to top it off. Although, minimal this type of cladding has so much texture and character, and a bright colour adds the excitement.

Clean, Light and Open Spaces:

This house design is usually implemented in homes that have open-plan concepts. As one of the main characteristics of minimalism is open spaces. Additionally, most features in this home consist of pastels and whites to give the clean appearance. However, to maintain such colours in this type of home you have to be clean. Moreover, natural light is big aspect of having a minimalist home, therefore, a home with large windows is the most ideal.


Thirdly, simplicity is the key characteristic of minimalist homes. Therefore, even the floor plan is simple and involves a lot of open-plan rooms. Moreover, open floor plans are a good option to have as they cost less than alternative plans.

Simple Detailing:

Lastly, simple details are what make up these kinds of homes. From subtle statement lamps, wall paper or simple wall décor, minimalists homes always pay attention to detail. Therefore, it is possible to also add a single bright colour to a plain room, or a room that mainly has neutral colours.

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