Things To Look Out For When Viewing a Property

Things To Look Out For When Viewing a Property

During viewings there are certain parts of the house you need to pay close attention to. In this article, we will be giving you a list of things to look out for when viewing a property.


Firstly, assess the size of each room and ensure that the rooms are big enough to accommodate your furniture. Therefore, take some time to write down the measurements of your furniture and also measure the size of the rooms you will be viewing.

Flooring, Windows & Walls

Secondly, ensure that the walls do not have any cracks. Cracks in the walls could mean that the building has structural issues and you do want to have to suffer the costs for that. Moreover, for carpet flooring look for stains  and advise previous owners to clean before they vacate. For cracks in tiling, ensure the damage is not very costly, and not many tiles have been damaged. Additionally, for windows, check for broken windows that need to repaired and see if you will be able to manage those expenses.


Thirdly, if you are an individual that needs a lot of storage, check if the home has ample storage facilities. Ideally, check for a basement, storage shed etc. Additionally, measure the size of the storage available to ensure it can accommodate your belongings.

Showers, Taps and Toilets

Lastly, ensure that the plumbing is up to par and only minimum repairs are needed. Therefore, check for leaking taps or showers. Additionally, make sure to check if all the toilets are running and do not need major repairs. Moreover, you can also check the water pressure of the taps and showers and inform the previous owners to address those issues.





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