Open House Food Ideas

Open House Food Ideas

The success of your open house partially relies on the food that you are serving. Moreover, you want to keep your guests around for as long as possible and the food will help you out. In this article, we will be sharing some open house food ideas that you may want to consider for you next open house.

Finger Sandwiches 

For your guests that prefer healthier snacks, finger sandwiches are a must have at all open houses. Moreover, you can experiment with different ingredients such as chicken, meat or just veg. Additionally, you can cut them into different shapes and designs to make them look more interesting.

Cookies & Sweet Pastries

These snacks are a snack favourite at every open house. Not only are they super enjoyable, they make the place smell amazing. Moreover, some cookie flavours you can consider are mint, choc chip and caramel. However, pastries give the impression that more effort was put into the food selection. Therefore, you can also have different flavoured puff pastries from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Moreover, the different colours from the flavours will make the presentation look great.


If you do not have much time to focus on the snacks, brownies are a delicious and simple option. Moreover, you can cut brownies into any shape you like. However, to add a little extra effort, you can add some fudge, chocolate layering or caramel.

Mixed Nuts & Popcorn

Lastly, an even easier alternative is mixed nuts and popcorn. Moreover, these are great as you do need to make them on your own and can simply, stop by the grocery store. Additionally, you can brand your bowls and popcorn packaging with your logo. This way if there are takeaway options, your clients will have you in mind every time they see your packaging.


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