Best Colours To Paint To Sell Your Home Faster

Best Colours To Paint To Sell Your Home Faster

Most potential buyers always pay attention to the exterior of a home. It is super important to ensure that the outside of your home is painted a colour most buyers like. In this article, we will be going through some of the best colours to paint to sell your home faster.

Blue and Gray

Firstly, blue and gray is a great colour combination to have for your outside walls. Moreover, pastel blues look great with any shade of gray. Therefore, try to use only pastel blue colours and not dark blues, to help your home look refreshing and welcoming.


From ivory, eggshell, vanilla or cream, off-white colours should be your first option. Additionally, off-white colours can easily be paired with any other colour you would like. Moreover, off-whites give an inviting and clean feel, which could make your potential buyers consider your house more than others.


Thirdly, taupe which is simply shades of brownish-gray is a great colour for your exterior. Furthermore, for potential buyers who enjoy homes with a vintage look, they will enjoy this colour. Additionally, this colours gives a warm and relaxed ambience.

Light Yellow

Fourthly, for a soft but exciting and happy feel, light/pale yellow is a good option. Moreover, if you generally want your home to radiate positively paint it, light yellow. Besides, for young couples looking to purchase their first house, a house painted light yellow will definitely catch their attention.

Red & Brown

Bold colours like red and brown also have a vintage and cool look that blends well on double storey houses. Additionally, the red pops off the brown making your home exciting to look at. Therefore, if you own a double storey house you may want to consider this bold and beautiful colour combination.


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