Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home should be an everyday activity. However, every once in a while you need to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. In this article, we will be discussing some spring cleaning tips to help you get started.


Firstly, make a cleaning schedule of all the rooms. Ideally, make sure you tackle the rooms that need the most attention first and work your way down. However, you could start with the rooms that need a little attention, it is entirely up to how you want to go about it. Moreover, a schedule will help you remain focused and keep you organized. Additionally, you can add the cleaning supplies that are needed for specific rooms to make your work even easier.

De-clutter & Organize

De-cluttering will help you get rid of all the items you no longer use or need. Moreover, this gives you so much more room to place new items. After you have de-cluttered your space, it is best to dust and well organize the remaining items or pack them away. Additionally, returning home to an organized space helps you reduce your stress levels.

Target Walls & Windows

It is easy to have your walls and windows neglected as they are not the first cleaning option. Therefore, during your session of extreme cleaning, thoroughly remove and scrub the dirt off the windows and walls. Moreover, you will be amazed at how different your home will look with cleans walls and windows.

Replace Shower Heads & Clean Taps

Lastly, after some time, lime and other materials form around/on your shower heads. Make sure that when you decide to have an extreme cleaning session, you replace your shower heads. However, if possible try remedies to expel the lime off your shower heads, if you do not want to purchase new ones. Additionally, clean around your taps with strong detergents as they accumulate dirt over time.






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