Tips For Getting Offers Accepted

Tips For Getting Offers Accepted

For the buyers out there, you may be looking for ways for your offer to be the chosen one, we are here to help. In this article, we will giving you some tips for getting offers accepted.

Offer An Escalation Clause

Firstly, the best way to have your offer above your competitors is by offering the seller an escalation clause. An escalation clause is a document that simply states that as the seller, you are willing to buy the property above all the offers made for it. Moreover, this gives the buyer assurance that whatever price is offered, you will top it. However, only propose this if you have the financial capability to do so. Additionally, if the price goes way beyond the property’s actual value let go of the property to avoid making a loss.

Offer Earnest Money

Earnest money is usually 1% – 2% of the sale price along with a contract agreement stating that the seller has to take the property off the market. This offer shows the seller that the buyer earnestly wants the property by making a down payment. However, as seller you can offer even more as the down payment to secure the property. Therefore, this gives the seller assurance that the property there will definitely be a sale.

Offer To Pay For Seller’s Moving Expenses

Thirdly, a great way to persuade seller’s is by offering to cover moving costs. Although, this strategy is not very common, sellers will feel at ease knowing that they will be moving for free. Additionally, if no other buyer is offering this, it gives you the upper hand.

Offer To Pay For Property Transfer Taxes

Lastly, offering to pay for property transfer taxes is the best tactic to use. Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to further negotiate the price of the property.





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