Types of Gates

Types of Gates

Gates are more than just access points, there are made in variety of materials, shapes and sizes. It is important consider the security aspect first when you are selecting your gate. In this article, we will be going through some of the different types of gates to make your selection process easier.

Decorative Gate

Firstly, if you want to express your creativity then decorative gates would be ideal for you. These gates have a variety of ornate designs you can choose from. However, these entrances are typically more expensive than plain gates.

Double Gate

Secondly, double gates have two parts. There entrances can either be automated or used manually depending on your preference. Therefore, if you are a minimalist and enjoy simplicity this could be a good option for you.

Garden Gate

For the people who enjoy landscaping and garden activities, garden gates are a good option if you have animals. Additionally, they complement and add to the beauty of your garden. Therefore, when you are selecting colours for these entrances, choose neutral colours that work well with greenery.

Side Gate

These entrances are ideal if you reside in a complex and there is a gap from the front of the house to the back. Moreover, these entrances provide extra security and are smaller in size to accommodate the small gaps. Additionally, these gates restrict stray animals and unauthorized persons from walking through your yard.

Farm Gate

Lastly, farm gates are good for large pieces of land. Moreover, because farms are usually unmonitored, these entrances serve as a protection barrier from intruders that would want to use your farm illegally. These gates are typically made out of wood or aluminium.



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