Laundry Layouts

Laundry Layouts

Are you having problem deciding what kind of laundry layout you want for your home? Then this article is for you. Laundry layouts can be tricky to decide, however it is important to take into consideration the space of your laundry room and go from there. Here are some layouts that may interest you:

Corridor Laundry Layout:

As the name suggests, this layout is placed in the corridor of your hallway or any corridor of your choosing. However, these layouts are ideally placed in long narrow areas. Furthermore, this layout is extremely convenient as it does not require much space. Actually, this is the default layout for most laundry rooms. Moreover, this laundry layout is quite inexpensive, making it ideal for homes on a budget.

Open-Plan Laundry Layout:

Secondly, similarly to an open-plan kitchen, these layouts require a very large space. However, instead of an kitchen island in the centre of the room, this type of layout will require a folding table as its centre piece. The great thing about having a large space is that you can do a lot with it. Moreover, because the space is so large, you can combine the room with a hangout room for your children or any other room of your choosing. However, these layouts are quite expensive to have compared to corridor laundry layouts.

Hidden Laundry Layout:

Lastly, if you would not like your laundry area to be on full display, you can opt for a hidden laundry layout. These layouts, only require choosing a room that will be allocated to only doing laundry within your home. However, these layouts can also be hidden in the kitchen. Additionally, you can place your washer and dryer beneath your kitchen sink.





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