Modern Bathroom Sink Faucets

Modern Bathroom Sink Faucets

In recent years, bathroom sink faucets have become more advanced. In this article, we will giving you a list of modern bathroom sink faucets, that you may want to purchase for your home.

Touchless Faucet:

Firstly, a touchless faucet is probably the most advanced faucet there is. A touchless faucet has inbuilt motion sensors and some faucets even come with temperature control. Taking into a account, the advancements of this faucet, it is more on the higher side in terms of pricing.

Bridge Faucet:

A bridge faucet is a faucet that consists of two handles for the hot and cold option. These are very common faucets. However, in recent years the designs have become more luxurious. Also, these faucets are now made in different materials and colours unlike the usual silver.

Single Handle Faucet:

Thirdly, a single handle faucet is a faucet that only has one handle that turns from hot to cold. Although, these faucets are simple in design, they are actually very convenient. In terms of pricing, they are quite affordable. Installation of these faucets only requires a single pipe, where both the hot and cold water passes through. Moreover, they are also a user friendly option to have for older people and children.

Centre Set Faucet:

Centre set faucets have both handles attached to the spout of the faucet. These faucets are the most affordable from all the faucets mentioned. If you are on a tight budget, these faucets would be the most ideal for you to purchase.

Deck-mount Faucet:

Fifthly, deck-mount faucets have the spout and both taps attached to the sink. These faucets are mainly placed in the kitchen but can also be used in the bathroom.

Wall-mount Faucet:

Similarly to deck-mount faucets, wall-mount faucets have the spout and taps attached directly to the wall behind the sink. These faucets are common in schools, public restrooms, hospitals etc. However, if you like the design of these faucets, you can also place them in your bathroom or kitchen.






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