Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Tv

Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Tv

Is the wall behind your TV plain and basic? Do you want to give your living room some character? In this article we will be giving you a few ideas to decorate the wall behind the Tv. Here are a few ways to can incorporate modern and elegant features to your television background.


Firstly, wallpaper is probably the cheapest and easiest way to decorate your tv wall. Visit your local shop and browse through the wallpapers they have available. See what sparks your interest and what goes with the colour scheme of your living room.

Add Floating Shelves:

Adding floating shelves to the side or bottom of the television set can give it a very elegant look. Moreover, the best decorations to place on these shelves are beautiful picture frames, plants or ornaments.

Backlight Television Displays:

Thirdly, backlight television displays are a cool way of improving the wall the behind the tv. There are a variety of backlight displays to choose from. Backlight television displays are also beneficial, as they give your eyes a break from the harsh and bright lighting from the living room lights. Furthermore, you would find it more enjoyable watching your television in a dark room with the backlight television display.

Add a 3D Painting:

3D Paintings add an artistic look to your living room and television background. In addition, when the television is not in use, it turns into a piece of your art for you and your guests to enjoy. Furthermore, do some research on cool and artistic 3D paintings to place on your wall.

Electric Fireplace:

Lastly, if you do not have an inbuilt fireplace, placing an electric fireplace below your television set is a modern and lovely way of enhancing your space. An electric fireplace is a heater that mimics an actual fireplace by displaying burning coal, wood or natural gas. Moreover, electric fireplaces give the room a warm and homely feel and enhance the wall behind the television.


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