4 Types Of Home Renovation

4 Types Of Home Renovations

Allowing your home to lose value in terms of infrastructure and design is never a good idea. Here are 4 types of home renovations that will add value to your home.

The Basics: The basics consist of major and the most common types of repairs. These include:

  • Roof repairs
  • Water pipe and gutter repairs
  • Fixing damaged doors and door knobs
  • Replacing or fixing damaged tiles

Passion Projects: Secondly, Passion projects are projects that add value and enjoyment to your home. These include:

  • Planting a vineyard
  • Adding a basket ball court or sports facility to your home
  • Digging a swimming pool or hot tub
  • Building a wine cellar

Curb Appeal: Curb appeal renovation is renovation that adds to the general aesthetic of the home. These include:

  • Cleaning the carpets in your home
  • Purchasing new furniture or decorations
  • Landscaping the yard
  • Painting the walls both inside and out

Best Bang For The Buck: These types of renovations are the most beneficial and add the most value to your home. They include:

  • Kitchen renovations such as, new kitchen units or cabinets, placing or improving an inbuilt stove etc.
  • Bathroom renovations. Purchasing a new bath tub, replacing the showers, toilets, sinks etc.
  • Fixing or replacing damaged windows and window seals
  • Cleaning out the basement and repairing any leakages that may have occurred

In conclusion, taking these renovations into consideration may help you sell your home at a higher price. However, you may just want to improve the quality of your living conditions which is great too.





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