Types Of Bed Bases

Types Of Bed Bases

Choosing the right type of bed base is crucial for the general aesthetic of your bedroom. Moreover, it also influences the comfortability of your mattress. You may be wondering how to determine which bed bases work for you and your needs. Below are a few bed bases you can choose from that offer comfortability and make your space look elegant.

Divan Bed Bases:

A Divan bed base is a bed base that is made of wood and is covered in a layer of soft wadding and fabric. This bed base is made in the same size as the mattress. Aesthetically, this bed base offers a clean and minimal look to the environment.

Ottoman Bed Bases:

Secondly, an ottoman bed base is a bed base that has storage underneath the top layer of the bed base. However, ottoman bed bases can also have storage on the side, in the form of drawers. This storage space is great for storing beddings and ultimately anything you’d like to put in there.

Bedsteads/Bed frames:

Bedsteads/bed frames are bed bases that are made out of either metal or wood. These bed bases are relatively cheaper than most. Furthermore, if you wish to have a nice bed base on a budget, these are the best option. Bedsteads are not always the same size as the mattress. They offer support on all sides of the mattress, to help with sliding off and generally have a better grip than most bed bases.

Adjustable Bed Bases:

In conclusion, Adjustable bed bases may be known as electric or reclining bed bases. These bed bases electronically adjust to your needs, using a remote control. Motors are placed within the base to allow it to perform functions such as recline and lift the base and mattress.




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