If you own a home, you may be looking for new ways to decorate. The traditional ways of hanging up family portraits and art work are great, however have you ever thought of painting a Mural?

A mural is any piece of graphic artwork that is painted directly to a wall or ceiling.


There are many mural techniques. You do not need to do anything complicated in your homes. However, it is always good to learn something new. Here are some mural techniques that may interest you;


  • Mosaic Painting:

Firstly, Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone or other materials.

  • Graffiti Painting:

Graffiti art is written, painted or drawn on a wall or another surface. It ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and has existed since ancient times.

  • Marouflage Painting:

Marouflage is a technique for affixing a painted canvas to a wall using an adhesive that hardens as it dries. Some examples include, plaster and cement.

  • Ceramic Tile Murals:

This technique uses artistic ornaments to enhance a space. Art or decoration is applied to a surface of ceramic tiles, or coloured tiles and is formed into a mosaic.




Children’s bedrooms are the best places to paint murals because it gives the child’s room so much character and excitement, find out what your child’s interests are, as well as their favourite colours and incorporate all these things into the mural. You could also paint stars on the ceiling to make them feel like they are falling asleep right under the stars every night.


Hallways are typically plain and boring, spice it up by painting a mural in between rooms and make your home feel more vibrant. Furthermore, there could be a section that you have placed a chair and some cushions in the middle of your hallway, this would be the best place to paint a mural of a cherry blossom tree or anything relaxing.


Lastly, painting a mural in the bathroom is a great and inexpensive way of decorating. Murals can remake the effect of certain materials, such as marble. Instead of purchasing marble stone tiles to place in your bathroom, which could cost quite a bit. Paint a mural of these stones and give the bathroom the same effect.


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