How to Incorporate Pastel Colours in Your Home

 How to Incorporate Pastel Colours in Your Home


Pastel Colours? Your New Best Friend.

Pastel colours are made by infusing solid colours with white, this produces softer, lighter tones. Pastels are born from primary colours’ high value and low saturation. In this article, we will give you a few ways you can incorporate pastel colours in your home.


  • WALLS:

In the beginning, it may be scary to take the step of painting an entire room a pastel colour. The best way to do this, choose between the bathroom, the bedroom or the living room to paint a single wall a pastel colour. It would be ideal for you to paint the wall that has a centre piece. For example, in the bedroom it could be the wall that the bed is up against, in the bathroom it could be the wall with the mirror hung above the sink and in the living room it could be the wall with the television against it. The neutral colour painted on the rest of the walls will bring a calm aura and the pastel will bring in a splash of colour.



In a room painted white for instance, the colour of the furniture is very important placing dark furniture in a white room will give it a smaller feel. Pastel coloured furniture creates an airy and open look as well as a refreshing feel. Pastel coloured lamps, flower pots, and decorations bring a room together and add some elegance to the space.



Curtains are very important in a home, because they put together the whole vibe of the house. Choosing the right curtains for a home is super important. Secondly, curtains can take a dull room and make it vibrant. Curtains are a great way to incorporate pastels in your home, the sun rays hit the curtains allowing them to fill up rooms with a warm, serene and peaceful ambience.


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