The Different Toilet Types

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Are you on the hunt for a new toilet? Well, you have lots of options to choose from. There are few home elements that get as much use as your toilet. As such, your commode needs to be comfortable, functional and fit your bathroom’s design. But with so many toilet options available its easy to become overwhelmed when shopping around for a new toilet. In addition to the size, shape and colour, you’ll also have to consider how eco-friendly your toilet will be. Today, we will explore the different types of toilet options for your home.

The different toilet types

The first decision you have to make when buying a new toilet for your home is the toilet type. The toilet type refers to the basic method a toilet uses to dispose of waste. With this in mind, when choosing the best types of toilet consider style and flushing technology.

1. Gravity-feed toilet

A gravity-feed toilet is the most common and oldest modern type of toilet. This type of toilet operates by using gravity to flush down waste. By manipulating a flush valve, water held in a toilet tank drops down into the bowl. Subsequently, the water moving through the bowl then pushes waste through the trapway.

2. Pressure-assisted toilet

A pressure-assisted toilet works by using a powerful flushing action as compared to the gravity-feed toilet. An intricate system of pressurised air forces water from the tank into the bowl. While this flushing technology is louder than a gravity-feed toilet, it is much more efficient. As such, waste if flushed faster and with greater force.

3. Dual-flush toilet

The dual-flush toilet type is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners due to its water-saving benefits. Dual-flush toilets use technology developed by combining some features of gravity-feed toilets as well as pressure-assisted toilets. The dual-flush mechanism enables the user to choose between a full flush or half flush on each occasion you empty the bowl. A half flash clears the toilet with a gravity-feed system. The full flush clears the toilet with a pressure-assisted system.

4. Double-cyclone toilet

Although double-cyclone toilets use a minimal amount of water per flush, they still possess a huge amount of flashing power. The double-cyclone toilet system uses two nozzles along the rim to provide the flush. The use of two nozzles instead of holes in the rim of the bowl translates into a more efficient flushing system.

5. Waterless toilet

As the name suggests, self-contained waterless toilets do not use water. Instead, waste is collected and stored receptacle underneath the toilet. With this in mind, waterless toilets are ideal for situations where there are water and plumbing challenges.

The different toilet styles

When you have decided on the best type of toilet for your home the next step is to identify the toilet style that is ideal for you. In general, toilet styles consist of two factors. Firstly, how many pieces is the toilet made from? Secondly, how is the toilet fixed to the wall and floor?

1. One-piece toilet

A one-piece toilet is designed from a single piece of material. This means the tank is connected to the bowl, making the entire toilet a single piece of ceramic. One-piece toilets are typically sleek, easy to clean and simple to install. Besides this, one-piece toilets ensure a seamless fit between the bowl, tank and trapway.

2. Two-piece toilet

With a two-piece toilet, the tank and bowl are designed separately and only attached before or during installation. Though slightly more difficult to clean in comparison to one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets are usually more efficient. Moreover, the maintenance of a two-piece toilet is easier as individual pieces can be replaced as needed.

3. Wall-mounted toilet

Although not common in residential bathrooms, wall-mounted toilets are ideal if you are short on space. A wall-mounted toilet consists of a water tank hidden in the wall, a bowl as well as a flush plate. Wall-mounted toilets not only take up space, but they can also be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

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