The Desirable Neighbourhood

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When you are looking at buying a home, location plays a huge role in your decision. Location, in terms of the suburb, as well as the neighbourhood you are buying into. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect neighbourhood. A neighbourhood that caters to all the needs of every single person. However, there are certain components that all great neighborhoods have in common. These items make these neighbourhoods ideal to live in and desirable to property buyers. Let us take a closer look at some key features that make a neighbourhood desirable.


Ingress, as well as egress,  should be easy in any good neighbourhood. It is essential that you are able to access the neighbourhood easily by foot, public transport, and by car. In addition, the availability of sidewalks is a major bonus. The ability to walk, run or cycle is simplified with the existence of sidewalks. Furthermore, being able to easily access major amenities within close proximity is extremely important.

Essentials are located nearby

Regardless of where you decide to bit and home and live, ensure you have convenient and quick access to essential services. Desirable locations have all major services including, hospitals, schools, shops, fire stations, and police stations, in close proximity. This is important as you will be relatively close to all major services in the event of an emergency. Moreover, it is crucial to have shops close by so you don’t have to travel great distances to get basic groceries. Another important consideration is proximity to schools if you have children.

Safety and security

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, hence this element strongly contributes to the desirability of an area. A neighbourhood characterised by low crime gives its inhabitants a sense of peace, ease, and calm. Prior to you buying a home in an area, assess the crime rates in that area. Crimes rates are an excellent indicator of whether a neighbourhood is good or it is dangerous and unsafe. Ideally, you want to reside in an area in which children can be safe to explore and play where they like without fear. In addition, the ability to move freely and safely at night is also important.

Social cohesion

A neighbourhood that can come together and display a strong sense of community is a desirable place to stay. In addition, an area where you can belong and have a sense of place is a great place. Usually, such communities rally together to resolve any local issues. You will surely benefit from living in such an inclusive neighbourhood and your life will be greatly enriched and fulfilled.


A desirable neighbourhood should also be easy on the eye. This is to say it should be visually stimulating, appealing and inviting. The visual appeal if the place you live in is extremely important. In addition, it also has a huge impact on property prices in the area. Some of the aspects you can consider very from architectural design to landscaping. All in all, the neighbourhood should be appealing, clean, and comfortable.


Lastly, we explore diversity. Diversity is such a great component that can make an area desirable to reside in. A truly great neighbourhood is a place where people from different ethnicities and backgrounds can come together and live harmoniously. Such an area can only benefit from this diversity and cultural mix.

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