Be Forward Real Estate Website

Be Forward Real Estate Website

Be Forward Real Estate (BFR) is relatively new to the real estate space in Zambia but it is already making waves within the industry. An extensive marketing budget that incorporates digital marketing coupled with a strong online presence has catapulted BFR to the forefront of Zambian real estate. It is no wonder therefore that many people are opting to Buy, Rent & Sell With Be Forward Real Estate.

Why should I list my property with Be Forward Real Estate?

Be Forward Real Estate has the strongest digital presence in Zambia and beyond, ensuring your property reaches more buyers, sellers and potential tenants than any other real estate group. BFR offers a platform that encourages the interaction of buyers, sellers, agents, developers, investors and all relevant real estate stakeholders.

How it all works

Unlimited free listings

BFR Online Platform
BFR Online Platform

Did you know that listing your property with BFR is 100% free. You can list an unlimited number of properties on the BFR online platform for no charge at all. Simply engage any of our very friendly,  knowledgeable and competent staff on how to list your properties by sending an email to:bfrzambia


The Be Forward brand has always been globally known to offer fantastic incentives and rewards to customers. Be Forward Real Estate is no exception and is the only Zambian real estate company that rewards you just for using their service. This means you get the chance to receive a monetary or non-monetary reward for listing your property with BFR.

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