Tips For Keeping Happy Long Term Tenants

It’s worth it to find ways to increase your tenant’s appeal to your property. In many cases, the incentives you offer will cost much less than the expense of a vacant unit. Even better, not all motivating factors will cost you money. Here is how you can keep the tenant happy.

Full disclosure

If your property has any issues then you need to let the tenant know. Tell them about any recent repairs, known problems, or property-specific instructions. Being upfront, clear, and open about the property will give the tenant an idea of exactly what living there will entail. Be honest about neighbours, amenities, and anything else you can think of. To find the right tenant for you, you’ll need them to know as much about the property as possible.

Establish the rules and regulations of your agreement

In order to make the tenancy run as smoothly as possible establish what you expect of your tenants at the very beginning. As such, when tenants sign the contract, they are agreeing to your terms. Providing you stick to the tenancy agreement; your tenants should be happy because they know exactly what they have signed up for. Ensure you make any stipulations as specific as possible in order to avoid any confusion, and list what will be considered damage to the property and the approximate cost to repair it.

Be proactive and stay on top of maintenance issues

Keeping your tenant happy is crucial, especially if you’re going to ask the tenant to extend their lease. By being proactive with property maintenance and routinely performing property inspections, your tenant may be more likely to agree to your proposal. Additionally, keeping up with maintenance and addressing issues quickly will help you spend less time on repairs when you do have to turn over the property.

Resolve complaints as early as possible

There’s almost nothing worse than having a household emergency when you can’t get in touch with your landlord. With this in mind, let your tenants know how they can contact you, or your property manager, if they need to. As a general guideline, all complaints should be resolved at the earliest possible moment. Following this rule will show your tenants that they are a priority and that you take their complaints seriously. Moreover, finding solutions to problems promptly will show your tenants you are a reliable landlord.

Respect your tenant’s privacy

Unless your tenant has a problem, they don’t want to hear from you. Respect that. You’ll occasionally need to gain access to the property for one reason or another, but when you do, be sure to give proper notice.

Offer incentives

Offering small incentives can make the tenant feel as if you are rewarding them or giving them a break. Not only will this aid you in your search for additional tenants, but you’ll also increase your chances of retaining the ones you already have if you end up placing their friends in the same building.

Show appreciation

In reality, while you are giving your tenant a place to live, they are paying your mortgage or putting money in your pocket. Landlord-tenant relationships are still business relationships, and just like a business may show customer appreciation, so should you.

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