What You Need To Know About Kitchen Islands

These days it seems as though every kitchen you see has an island. Islands are one of the top renovations that add value to your kitchen. Besides this, an island helps you transform the way you use and enjoy the busiest room in your house. However, these built-in features aren’t for everyone or every kitchen. Are you contemplating a kitchen remodel? Here is what you need to know about kitchen islands.

Is a kitchen island a good idea?

Kitchen islands are an excellent way to add counter and storage space just where you need them. Outfitted with fixtures and appliances, an island itself can become the hub of activity. Such utility is the reason adding an island offers more value to your kitchen than just about any other kitchen upgrade.

Key considerations when adding an island

1. Cost

Adding a kitchen island adds costs for cabinetry and countertop, plus any appliance or sink and fixtures you’re considering. In most instances, freestanding worktables or rolling carts are the most economical kitchen island solution. More features, larger sizes, and additional cabinetry will push the cost of an island up.

2. DIY or hire a professional?

Anyone can put in a worktable or cart. An island assembled from cabinetry is more of a challenge but doable for handy homeowners. Call in the professionals for custom configurations if you plan to have plumbing fixtures and electric appliances.

3. Size

An island ought to have enough counter space to meet your needs, look proportional within the kitchen, and have ample pathways around its perimeter. For smaller kitchens, a worktable or rolling cart may be a better choice than a built-in.

The benefits of kitchen islands

Extra work surface

One of the greatest pros of a kitchen island is the extra countertop space that can be used for prepping and staging meals. Moreover, working on an island can sometimes be more pleasant than working on a perimeter countertop where you’re facing a wall. An island work area allows you to face guests or family members while you prep. This allows you to feel connected to people in adjacent rooms if you have an open floor plan.

Additional storage

Secondly, a kitchen island creates an opportunity for introducing additional storage into your kitchen. Keep in mind that the large the base you can create, the more storage you will have. Deep drawers, cabinets and even a spot for the microwave free up the need for perimeter cabinets.

Focal point

By introducing a base colour that’s different from the perimeter cabinets, or a countertop material different from the perimeter, you can use an island to create a dramatic focal point.

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