Plumbing What To Know


Plumbing refers to the system of pipes and fixture installed in a building for the distribution and use of potable water and the removal of waterborne wastes. When you are building your dream home you need to consider hiring a plumber even before you decide to put up the structure so he can give you sound advice on where to position the borehole, septic tanks, sprinklers or irrigation and other plumbing logistics.

While the design of the sinks and choice of taps is up to you, the plumber can advise you on the best fit quality and durable aesthetics to use. When it comes to pipes there is quite a variety to consider:

  • Concrete Pipe
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Galvanized Iron Pipe (G.I)
  • Wrought Iron Pipe
  • Steel Pipe
  • Copper Pipe
  • Plastic Pipe
  • Asbestos Cement Pipe

When choosing the types of pipes to use you will need to know the following:

  • Environmental factors and characteristic of the soil
  • Durability of the pipe
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Water Flow
  • Construction material as per usage
  • Water fixtures e.g Dish washer, washing machine, showers, bath tubs etc

Building a new home can be both frustrating and rewarding but you do not have to be a licensed plumber to know that main valves should be accessible but away from children’s reach. Also toilets are better placed in the same line for easier sewer connections.

Plumbing is not cheap, and its not the place to go cheap. when things are done right, you can rest assured  your plumbing will stand up to daily use.

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