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House Plans

A house floor plan is a 2-dimensional drawing that shows exterior and interior walls, doors, and windows. It is like a map and sometimes all the features walls, doorways and windows are drawn to scale. Looking at a floor plan of a house one can easily think that they will just do it themselves but here is the catch, the Town Council only approves drawings made by qualified and certified Architects.

Photo credit (Zambian Architect)
There are 3 main types of house floor plans that will be considered in this article, traditional, contemporary and custom.

Traditional Floor Plans

Put simply, walls. Traditional floor plans have more walls than any other floor plan design. Being closed however doesn’t mean the design is cramped, on the contrary. This design is big on privacy, rooms like the kitchen and living room are closed off. It gives a designer the ability to independently design each room. There is also better sound control and you can have some privacy as you entertain a guest.

Contemporary Floor Plans

This floor plan has a more modern feel to it. It is also referred to as an Open Plan. You can keep your eye on the television in the living room while you get dinner started in the kitchen. It is so easy to move around because of the open space. It is ideal for families that have kids because it is so much easier to keep an eye on them with an open line of sight.
More contemporary property designs have a modern feel that just improves the image. They have a better resale value and can easily be adapted for residential and office spaces.

Photo Credit: Zambian Architect

Custom Plans

You can also create your ideal layout from scratch. This plan allows you to make your own combinations experiment with new and old designs. In custom plans, you can actually have an open plan in the kitchen and dining but maintain traditional concepts for other rooms. Young families are encouraged to build custom made homes, providing ample spaces for their children to play, making provisions for office space or storage of that gas cylinder outside the kitchen! You dont have to do it yourself, get a qualified and certified architect to help!

Photo credit: Zambian Architect

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