Making The mOst Of A Small Kitchen

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Not everyone has the luxury of having a spacious kitchen. However, just because your kitchen is small, doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish, functional, and inviting. The secret to success in a small kitchen is imagination. Whatever size or shape you’ve got to work with, the trick is to create the illusion of more space with a smart layout and clever storage solutions. How? Just follow our top tips to making the most of a small kitchen.

Making the most of a small kitchen


A kitchen should be a functional space – a place to prepare food and store your utensils – but it’s easy for it to become cluttered. Uninterrupted worktops will help to create the illusion of more space while providing a practical area for cooking and baking. If your kitchen can accommodate a small dining area, position the table or island parallel to the worktop so it can double up as a second food preparation space when needed. Make sure chairs are small enough to tuck under the table – out of your way when cooking but easy to pull out at dinner time.


Too many cabinets in a small kitchen can make the room feel claustrophobic. If your space is narrow, try to keep cabinets in one or two neat lines – to draw the eye forward, emphasising the length of the room. When working with any small space, it’s vital that you maximise every square inch available and this means opting for ceiling to floor kitchen cabinets. Leaving a gap between the cupboards and the ceiling will also give the illusion of a larger space. Large drawers are also an effective alternative to cabinet doors. Easy to access, these oversized pull-out drawers can even be wide and deep for storing pans and big items away from counter surfaces.


Careful placement of your kitchen appliances will improve the flow of a small kitchen. The concept of the kitchen work triangle is worth considering – the sink, the oven and the fridge should be located at a working distance from each other. Choose minimally styled models to reduce visual distractions and maintain a streamlined look. Store away appliances that you don’t use every day in a pantry or cupboard to free up even more worktop space.


Take advantage of modern-day storage solutions to gain valuable space. Make lower cabinets more accessible with pull-out shelves or corner cabinet carousels – ideal for storing occasional utensils in a space that could otherwise go unused. Add depth to your drawer and cabinet storage with pull-out baskets and store smaller items neatly away with tray dividers and storage containers.


Try to let as much natural light into the kitchen as possible, to give the room a bright and airy feel. And keep window dressings simple – no bright colours or fussy designs that will block out the much-needed daylight. Good task lighting becomes even more crucial in a small space too. Position lights under the cabinets to illuminate the countertops and use spotlights rather than low hanging pendants so as not to take up any of the limited ceiling or visual space.

Colour scheme

When working with a small space, you must choose the right colour for your kitchen cabinets and walls as this can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. Stick to one or two colours and choose similar shades for the cabinets, walls and floors. Also, pick a colour palette that will help reflect light and enhance the space.

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