6 Ways To Maintain Your Parquet Floor

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An authentic parquet floor can last many many years, the secret is maintenance.

6 ways to maintain your parquet flooring

Homeowners may use these tips to keep parquet floors in top shape for longer.

1. Limit the moisture

To start with, limit your parquet floor’s exposure to moisture. When wood is continually exposed to moisture, it can be damaged easily. Fortunately, the wood used to manufacture modern parquet flooring is made with technology that enhances its moisture resistance. However, you should still aim to limit your floors exposure to moisture. As such, clean up spills as soon as they occur to avoid any major damage. When you mop the floor or wipe spills, use a damp mop or cloth instead of a wet one.

2. Protect from damage

As with many flooring options, parquet flooring is vulnerable to physical damage from heavy use. Extensive damage to your parquet flooring can make your floors look worn out and aged. Therefore, be careful to avoid damaging your floor when you move furniture or other heavy objects. Also, avoid wearing shoes with sharp heels when walking on parquet flooring. Consider placing rugs over your parquet flooring in high-traffic areas.

3. Clean regularly

The cleaning method for parquet flooring depends on the material used on the wood finishing. Generally, a sweep with a microfibre brush or mop every few days will be the most ideal cleaning required for your parquet floor. If your floor has been treated with polyurethane finishing, mopping or using a special hardwood cleaner is sufficient. Flooring with varnish, lacquer and shellac finishing should be cleaned with a special wax after every four months.

4. Be careful with stains

Generally, spills on your parquet flooring will leave noticeable stains. You must extremely careful when treating any stains on the floor. When spills occur, apply a non-abrasive cleaner specifically formulated for wooden floors. Also, make sure you use a non-abrasive wood cleaner with a soft cloth.

5. Touch up parquet flooring

With time, your parquet floors will begin to look worn out and aged due to wear and tear. You can touch up your parquet flooring to repair the damaged areas and refresh its appearance. Use special wax to repair marks on the floor. Finish off by buffing the area.

6. Professional maintenance

When you have little to no experience caring for your parquet flooring, it is important to engage professional parquet flooring maintenance services. By engaging professionals, you benefit from their experience in wood flooring maintenance.

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