Post-Construction Cleaning Tips

Post-Construction Cleaning Tips

One thing that property owners often overlook after construction is that cleaning is actually a continuous process. Often we just hire a cleaning company so that the cleaning headache can just go away. Why not if you have the financial resources to hire a cleaning company? Here are a few tips.


Cleaning windows is not all about scrubbing. After construction usually, the pane has streaks of concrete and paint or a mix of both. Patience is key. Gently scrape the concrete carefully not to scratch the pane. Paint can be scraped off using a scrapper and if that is not working then you can use thinners to remove the paint. Vacuuming the seals is essential for sliding windows so that all the debris is sucked out. Using a damp cloth wipe the window to remove any dust or dirt. Then you can shine it clean with your choice of window cleaner.


Post-construction always consider a newly or freshly painted wall as dirty. With a damp cloth wipe the walls, surfaces and all fittings ie wardrobes, shelves etc. Dont forget to clean the skirting, wiping or scraping gently any streaks of paint, cement or tile fix. Fitting such as toilets, sinks, shower cubicles and bathtubs should be scrubbed and polished.


It does not really matter what type of ceiling that has been installed. Dusting and dump wiping is recommended. Damp wiping especially for PVC ceilings. Fitting such as downlights or tracking lights, chandeliers should be properly wiped and shined.


Finally, the floor, after all the dust and debris has been wiped down, it is recommended to vacuum the floor as opposed to sweeping which will raise the dust all over again. Machine scrubbing and polishing the floor is recommended post-construction cleaning.

Cleaning is a continuous process, not all the grim and debris makes it out in one clean. Consistency is key! The first and most important rule in property management is cleanliness!

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