Christmas Lights Safety

Generally, there are two main areas of risk associated with hanging Christmas lights. These are risks from the installation of the lights as well as risks from the lights themselves. It is important to be diligent while installing Christmas lights in order to stay safe. Do you know that many home injuries can be attributed to one form of decorating or another? Besides this, remember that poorly installed and maintained lights can lead to fires.

Tips for Christmas light safety

Replaced damaged lights

Start by replacing old or damaged Christmas lights before hanging up your decorations. Also, carefully and thoroughly check the condition of your Christmas lights’ wiring to make sure they are up to par. Check for cracked or frayed cords, wires poking through the insulation as well as sockets without lights. While it may seem tedious, go through the process of checking lights and cables to avoid electric shock or more significant damage.

Switch to LED lights

In the event that you want to acquire new Christmas lights, consider LED lights with epoxy lenses. In addition to being safer to use, LED lights also use less electricity. This is a great way to lower your electric bill. Moreover, LED lights are cooler than usual Christmas lights, thereby preventing your tree from catching fire.

Follow electricity recommendations

Most manufacturers agree that plugging in more than three sets of Christmas lights into a single extension cord may cause problems with overheating. With this in mind, check both the strand’s wattage and the maximum watt capacity of the plug.

Keep your Christmas tree hydrated

Other than faulty or overheated Christmas lights, fires are also caused by dry Christmas trees. A properly watered Christmas tree is less flammable in comparison to a dry Christmas tree. You can also consider getting an artificial Christmas tree that is made from fire-resistant materials.

Use outdoor and indoor lights properly

Quality Christmas lights are labelled by their use. Make sure that you use Christmas lights appropriately as indoor lights are not suitable for outdoor use. This is because indoor lights are usually not insulated like outdoor lights and therefore will not work well with moisture from the outdoors.

Use ladders appropriately

Do you know that falls are the highest emergency room-related injury during the holidays? It is important to know how to safely use a ladder when hanging Christmas lights. To prevent tipping when hanging Christmas lights, never extend your body further than parallel with the ladder.

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