Driveway Options For Your Home

The rains are almost upon us, the dust you see now will morph into mud overnight. Needless to say what will happen to your lovely airways once they get acquainted with mother earth? You won’t have to find out, here are some driveway options for your home, no need for those gumboots in your own yard!

Affordable driveway options for your home

Contrary to what many people think, driveways do not have to be unsightly. In fact, a well-designed driveway can be a really attractive feature of your home. The right driveway materials for your home will be primarily dependent on the existing design of your property. Moreover, you have to evaluate the right materials to complement the current design of your home. Here are some affordable driveway options for your home that will improve the appearance of your home without breaking the bank.

1. Natural earth

One of the easiest and most affordable driveway options is a simple natural earth driveway. A natural earth driveway is made from compacted earth to create a driveway that looks natural and rustic. Moreover, a natural earth driveway can be mixed with aggregate to achieve greater stability. Consider having your natural earth drive to achieve a raised central section. This is essential to encourage water runoff at the sides. However, a natural earth driveway requires regular maintenance.

2. Gravel

Similar to a natural earth driveway, a gravel driveway is an excellent low-cost driveway option that you can build yourself. Remember that your gravel driveway will need to be dug down and a weed barrier material added to prevent weeds growing through. After this, add a few layers of stone in varying sizes until you reach the gravel layer on the top. This will give your driveway excellent drainage to provide a stable and durable driveway. In terms of maintenance, a gravel driveway needs to be raked occasionally to level out the surface. Besides this, you will need to top up the gravel from time to time as it sinks into the ground.

3. Resin-bound surfacing

Resin-bound surfaced driveways consist of a mixture of resin and aggregate stone. The aggregate stone can be in the colour of your choice thereby allowing you to achieve a strikingly beautiful look. Most homeowners prefer resin bound driveways as they offer excellent value for money and require little to no maintenance. A well-built resin driveway will last up to thirty years and maintain its visual appeal for that entire time.

4. Concrete and asphalt

Concrete and asphalt driveways are popular options for homeowners wishing to reduce the cost of their driveway improvement project. When building your driveway, ensure that your base is good and solid. For a good concrete or asphalt driveway ensure that your base does not have any cracks or crumbling. Properly built concrete and asphalt driveways are robust and durable and can withstand harsh weather elements.

5. Brick pavers

While driveways built using brick pavers are among the most expensive options, they are popular to their aesthetic appeal and durability. The high cost of brick pavers is due to the cost of the materials as well as the time it takes to lay the bricks. Depending on your personal preference and circumstances, your brick paver may need to be set in concrete rather than sand.

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