Bathroom Trends That Are Hard To Forget

Times are changing and slowly lots of things are fading away, but are they really? Here are some trends that seem to be refreshing with each passing year. Here is a list of bathroom trends that are hard to forget.


There is no question that bathtubs have made a comeback in a massive way. Regardless of your space constraints, there is a bathtub for every space, budget and layout. In addition, bathtubs give users the ultimate spa experience that is relaxing, calming and therapeutic. Moreover, bathtubs come in a diverse array of colours, styles and finishes. Moreover, bathtubs are an excellent way to gauge water usage thereby allowing you to consume less water and ultimately save on your water bills. Tip: consider brass finishes to add that extra luxury and elegance to your bathroom space.


One of the most popular bathroom design trends in recent years is the use of walk-in showers with no threshold. Now, the incorporation of walk-in showers, large-format tiles and linear drains is redefining bathroom décor. Large-format tiles are an excellent way by which to minimise grout lines, create a seamless look, and make a bathroom appear bigger. There is an endless assortment of tiles to pick from and therefore your design choices are endless. Tip: consider large-format tiles that imitate the look and feel of natural stone.


One of the most popular bathroom design trends for 2019 that is set to continue growing in popularity is the use of floating vanities. Floating vanities, which do not touch the ground are a clever and contemporary way to achieve a clean and sleek look. As we continue to face space constraints and bathrooms are becoming smaller, floating vanities are essential to add that extra bit of floor space. This extra floor space is crucial to creating the illusion and impression of a large bathroom. However, what you gain in appeal and aesthetics you lose in terms of storage space. Tip: floating vanities are relatively easy to clean under and give the feeling of a more open room layout.


With the continued advancements in lighting technology, the desire for integrated lighting has been on a steady rise. Great strides in lighting technology mean we are able to incorporate lighting into the design or our homes in a more exciting and effective way. Tip: lighting used appropriately and in the right quantities can brighten a space and add class and style to your bathroom.


One of the latest design crazes for your bathroom are hand painted decorative cement tiles. These hand painted designs are a simple yet wonderful way to add personality to a space. Moreover, your choice of hand painted cement tiles can effectively add texture and interest to your bathroom. What is more, with so many colours, designs and options available, you really are limited by your imagination.


The world at large is embracing technology in a way we never have before. Voice control and digital assistants are being incorporated into objects all over the home, including the bathroom. This technological development has transformed your bathroom into a more functional space. For example, you can check your email, or make a phone call using the voice control integrated into your bathroom.

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