More Light!

More and more homeowners are beginning to appreciate the benefits of adding more natural light to their homes. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to a nice sunny day. Natural light not only improves your health, but also boosts your mood and raises your sense of well-being. Moreover, introducing more natural light into your home will help you save on your utility bills. With this in mind, here are some ways to capture more natural light in your home.

Use reflective items

One of the best ways to capture more natural light in your home is to add reflective objects. Adding mirrors and other items that reflect the natural light already coming into your home will greatly brighten the space. Shiny and reflective items such as decorative mirrors and other furniture with glass will liven up and brighten your home. In addition, you can opt for metallic surfaces and chrome accents help reflect the natural light. High-gloss ceramic finishes and surfaces, as well as reflective tile backsplashes will significantly help reflective natural light.

Large windows and doors

The installation of larger windows and larger doors with an increased glass area will help you let more natural light into your home. You can consider installing windows incorporating Low-E glass or Argon gas between the panes. This will exponentially increase your energy-efficiency and thereby reduce your utility bills. When it comes to glass doors and windows there are numerous options that you can exploit to help let in more natural light.’

Clean windows and glass doors

There is a correlation between dirt and grime on your windows and the amount of natural light that enters your home. The vast majority of homeowners do not realise that dirt and grime on windows and glass doors reduces the light that comes into their home. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your glass doors and windows. This will allow you to maximise the amount of sunlight penetrating your home. The resulting effect will be a cleaner a brighter home.

Pick light window treatments

The use of light window treatments is an excellent way to capture more natural light in your home. Picking lightweight sheers will enable you to capture the maximum amount of light. You can even consider foregoing window treatments altogether.

Use light-coloured décor

The use of light-coloured décor will help you reflect rather than absorb light. Consider introducing light colours walls, furniture and flooring to make your space feel brighter. By using a slightly off-white colour scheme, you can reflect the natural light whilst creating a warm effect. The choice of colour you go for will make a huge difference in how you illuminate your home. Remember to opt for light, neutral and polished finishes.

Pay attention to your landscaping

It is essential that you pay attention to your landscaping. This will entail that you trim trees, bushes and shrubs that block natural light from entering through windows and glass doors. The idea is to create beautiful curb appeal yet at the same time allow natural light into your home.

Add skylights

Skylights are a great way to allow large amounts of sunlight into your home. Since skylights require some alterations to be made to the structure of your home, it is a job best left to professionals. In addition, your skylights will also enable you allow moonlight and fresh air into your home.

In conclusion, it is relatively easy to take the impact of natural light for granted. However, some minor twerks to your home will enable you to capture more natural light into your home. Moreover, increased natural light will greatly improve your mood, enhance your health and boost your quality of life.

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