Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting is very important as it makes cooking more fun and safe. Light on its own is one thing, but in the kitchen, lighting lifts the face of the room and just gives it life. No one wants to dwell in a dimly lit room. Different lighting solutions can help add atmosphere, functionality and style.

In this article, we will sample the different types of kitchen lighting and showcase their uses.

Ambient Lighting

This is the general lighting in the room, it bounces off the walls and illuminates the room. This lighting can be a combination of fixtures.

Under Cabinet LED strip lighting

These are exciting innovations that just add atmosphere and functionality to the kitchen. Especially when not in use these offer visibility to the kitchen counters and the floor.

Task Lighting

This is lighting for specific tasks. It translates into increased light for tasks that require accuracy and helps reduce eyestrain. Standard fixtures used for task lighting include but are not limited to chandeliers, downlights, pendant lights etc

Kitchen Island Lighting

This type of fixture hangs directly over the kitchen island.

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