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Let us take a closer look at ceiling fans before they go out of style. They remain the more affordable option over air conditioning features.

The pros and cons of ceiling fans


Lower ambient temperature

One of the biggest advantages of ceiling fans is that they lower the temperature of the room they are in regardless of other circumstances. This means a room with no air conditioning gets cooler and a room with an open window gets cooler. In addition, a large room gets cooler and a small room gets cooler all for the same energy cost. By lowering the temperature by about four to five degrees, ceiling fans make your home a little bit more comfortable/

Ceiling fans can keep you warm as well

Ceiling fans work by pushing air downwards, creating a breeze that helps cool your skin through evaporation. But in the wintertime, the blades on a ceiling fan can be reversed, or the direction of the rotation changed so that the fan pulls air upwards instead. Because warm air rises, the fan pulls cool air upward, forcing the warm air down and distributing heat more evenly throughout the room, making it feel warmer.

Help you save on heating and cooling costs

To start with, ceiling fans, especially modern ones, are extremely energy efficient. They provide effective cooling, all while using about the same amount of power as a high-wattage light bulb. This will result in significant savings on your monthly energy bill. Plus, because well-circulated air maintains a more constant temperature, it means your thermostat won’t have to cycle on and off as frequently.

Ceiling fans can be used in exterior settings

Finally, ceiling fans can cool interior and exterior spaces. In fact, they’re one of the only ways to help lower the temperature in an outdoor or semi-outdoor space, like a porch, patio, deck, sunroom, or outdoor kitchen. In the same way, they work indoors, outdoor ceiling fans circulate air to cool the skin, and come with the added bonus that the moving air can help drive away insects.

Act as a source of ambient light

The majority of ceiling fans come with a built-in light that is essential to add ambient light to a room. An added bonus of this is that a ceiling fan can actually add to the value of your home because it offers added functionality in the same footprint as a basic lighting fixture.


Ceiling fans can be noisy

One of the biggest drawbacks to having a ceiling fan is that it can be very noisy, though air conditioners can also be noisy. Air conditioners are usually kept outside, where they cannot be heard by most people inside the home. However, ceiling fans are inside the house and some people may not be able to tolerate the sound. Because of the noise, you might not be able to put ceiling fans in bedrooms. Unless the people sleeping there really do not mind the sound.

Ceiling fans can be difficult to clean

Anything that’s well out of reach is a pain to keep clean, but ceiling fan blades are especially so, often requiring a special tool to keep the tops and bottoms of the blades clean. Plus, lightbulb replacement can be a real hassle.

Can be dangerous

Finally, it’s very important to take the height of your ceilings and the heights of your family members into consideration.  In a low-ceilinged room, a tall person might be in danger of hitting their heads on the ceiling fan’s blades.

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