Junior and Tiny Tots School Meanwood Ndeke, Lusaka.

Junior and Tiny Tots School

The presence of a school in a community immediately makes it attractive for Real Estate. Located on Meanwood Ndeke’s Central Street in Phase 1 the school has lifted the face of the community and continues to receive new enrolments. It was founded in 2019. The school currently offers daycare, a high standard of Nursery, Reception and Primary Education.

Careers Day

Every child should be taught about the different career paths that lie ahead, Careers day at JTTS is an epic event children showcase the different career paths they dream of. Dreams are free, this is a good time for them to see how they look in those shiny shoes!!


Fun Day

Another event on demand, because all work and no play made Jack a dull boy! The perks of being a child is the playtime 100%.


JTTS is the perfect school for your ward, so if you are thinking of relocating to Meanwood Ndeke rest assured the school will be the perfect fit.

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