Floor care

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes it is better to call an expert so that you can just relax and not stress about it. However, if you can’t afford an expert, this article is for you. Floor care is as old as time, while floors continue to evolve cleaning has remained cleaning.

Tiled floors

If you have ceramic tiles or marble be careful not to use abrasive chemicals when cleaning your floor. Just a little bit of pine gel in you mopping water will suffice for a dirty floor, if the floor is not dirty but you feel like it is not clean till you have mopped, by all means just use water.

People always get wired when we talk about liquid cobra and why it is good for tiles. I am all about shiny floors, liquid cobra or any other tile cleaner that leaves the floor smelling fresh and shiny is a yes for me.

Giving your floor a scrub at least once a month is essential, be it a machine scrub or a manual scrub, it gets all the grime out and leaves your floor sparkling and looking clean.

Parquet Flooring

Most people don’t know how to take care of this floor. Parquet deserves to shine, always! Mop and cobra and a good machine shine. If you can see black stains on your parquet floor, call an expert! It is crying for a machine scrub and proper shine!

Take care of your floor, its the first thing visitors notice when they come over.

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