Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

We have always emphasised the importance of a kitchen in a home. After all a well styled and laid out kitchen adds unparalleled value to any home. Furthermore, it rejuvenates and adds new life to the entire house. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, then there has never been a better time to put your own creative mark into your kitchen. What’s more it is easier than ever to get the kitchen of your dreams these days, without breaking the bank. From eco-friendly to flatpack, here are some of our top kitchen trends for 2019.

1. Contemporary kitchen layouts

Keep in mind the proposed use of the room when deciding on the layout of the space. As such it is critical to choose a kitchen layout that facilitates the way you use your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking with kids or entertaining guests, your kitchen must cater to all your needs. As the kitchen is often described as the hub of the home, consider an island bench that people can gather around and interact. Also keep in mind your placement of cupboards so as to maximise space and facilitate for multiple cooks.

2. Open shelving

The concept of open shelves is relatively new, but it has continuously grown in popularity. The style is modern and is also a great way to display your homewares. In addition you can incorporate gorgeous decorations which make the space unique to you.


3. New kitchen technology

There is no better time than 2019 to embrace new kitchen technology and turn your smart kitchen dreams into reality. From more efficient dishwashers, to automated self-cleaning ovens,  new technologies keep coming up in 2019. A trip to a kitchen appliances showroom will do you a world of good and help you put things into perspective as you assess the latest technology. It’s also important to plan for the future by knowing about the next generation technologies.

4. Texture and Colour

Modern trendy kitchens make use of bright and rich colours. In addition, you can make use of textures to deliver rich user experiences. Moreover, this ensures the kitchen becomes a welcoming and comfortable room, as well as a place to prepare wholesome meals. Examples of clever uses of colours and textures include; textured timber finishes, crafted cladding, natural stone and tow-tone cabinetry. This kind of flair will deliver visual vibrancy and liven up the space.

5. Flatpack elements

Flatpack kitchens remain a popular option in 2019. Moreover, they are budget friendly making them a firm favourite for many. With highly customised elements such as statement tapware and coloured cabinets, the modern-day flatpack kitchen looks anything but cheap. Furthermore, flatpack elements have the added advantage of easy personalisation and customisation.

6. Hidden storage

The concept of hidden storage is centered around decluttering your space. This has the benefit of making your kitchen more organised and make you feel calmer. For a seamless end result ensure you incorporate hidden storage in the beginning of your kitchen revamp design.

7. Sustainability

One of the most popular and trendiest approaches to kitchens in the modern era is sustainability. Kitchens are being designed to be more eco-friendly. In addition, eco-friendly options are ranging from materials, appliances, layout and waste management.

8. Contemporary lighting

Modern kitchen lighting has become such a huge part of the present-day kitchen. This includes clever and funcrional illumination of workspaces. In addition, appropriate use of over-bench lighting will exude warmth and comfort without the glare.


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