Updating Your Bathroom

Updating Your Bathroom

Bathrooms together with kitchens are rooms in your home that can add value for buyers. The team at Be Forward Real Estate have some great ideas to bring out the best in your bathroom and bring your bathroom up to date.

In most instances, bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in your home. However,  this does not mean they have to be bland and boring. The perfect mix of colours, materials and creativity can easily transform your bathroom into an oasis of calm.

Keep it simple

In the first place, minimalist design is both practical and functional. It is no wonder that there is a massive shift towards minimalism and simplicity. For an immediate facelift that will work wonders with minimalism, consider a sophisticated concrete finish and awalk-in shower. For a more cost-effective transformation get rid of clutter clear vanity tops and introduce new faucets. Create the illusion of space.

Add colour

Secondly,  add colour to your bathroom, watery blues and greens are always popular choices. They create the semblance of a clean, fresh spacious room. The beauty of paint is that it is such an economical way to update your space. Alternatively consider painting over existing tiles if the option to completely change them is not available. Additional colour options for your bathroom include soft greys and blue greys.

Use glass

Open up the space with glass. With changing trends, back-painted glass splashbacks are making rapid inroads into the bathroom arena. Much like in kitchens they are quite popular and make an immediate impact. For an instantly soothing palette use soft blues and greens.

To revitalise a tired and boring bathroom incorporate decorative architectural glass. Also, translucent glass panels create a sense of privacy, while enhancing the feeling of light and space.


Bathrooms have been no exception to technological advancements. Traditionally technology isn’t something that has been associated with bathrooms. However, built-in televisions and speakers are the perfect accompaniment for long luxurious bathrooms. Mirrored flat TV technology can be installed anywhere; on the wall, on the ceiling, behind artwork, or embedded in a bathroom mirror.


A change in the style of your faucets and sconces can dramatically transform your bathroom. This doesn’t involve changing the tiles at all. If you’re dealing with a coloured tub, consider having it resurfaced. Coloured tiled could also be your new favourite feature when cleverly enhanced with a clean background.


Another element that helps mitigate the tile colour in your bathroom is artwork. Dexterously use what you hang on the walls to your advantage. Use the art to connect with the space and feature more of your favourite colours. Find the perfect balance of all these elements to highlight the elegance and beauty of your bathroom.

Liven the room

Lastly, add fun wallpaper, curtains, a ceiling fixture and painted vanity doors to make your bathroom a sanctuary. Bathrooms are the perfect place to try something a bit more daring or fun than you’d be willing to commit to in, say, your living room.

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